Jan 6, 2013

Google Search Operators

There are a lot of features in the Google search enginge (not only for searching, but conversion, transl)! See
My top six:
  1. exclude words with [-], e.g. [apple -fruit]
  2. search for exact word groups with [""] also with wildcard [*], e.g. ["M. Hel*"]
  3. search only within a domain with [site:], e.g. [site:bigdev.de java] or [site:.de java]
  4. sites containing one (logical) or another word [OR], e.g. [java OR c]
  5. find pages only with a certain extension [ext:] or [filetype:], e.g. [ext:pdf java] for pdf docs on Java.
  6. find pages containing a certain link, e.g. [link:bigdev.de]

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