Mar 20, 2014

Tutorial: Installing Eclipse with JDK on USB Flash Drive / Stick

If you work on different computers, but want to have the same dev environment, just create a mobile version on an USB flash drive:
  1. Download Eclipse and unzip on your USB drive, e.g. "X:\eclipse" 
  2. Install a JDK on your computer (e.g. to "C:\Programme\Java\jdk1.7.xx")
  3. Copy "C:\Programme\Java\jdk1.7.x" to "X:\Java\jdk1.7.xx" j
  4. Paste into the file "X:\eclipse\eclipse.ini" just before "-vmargs"
  5.     -vm
  6. Start Eclipse with "X:\Eclipse\eclipse.exe" 
  7. Set the workspace to ".\workspace" (relative path!)


  1. Thank you. Simple and it worked.

  2. I learned installing Java successfully and created my first mobile app a few days ago, and it was truly a fun experience. I did it under the guidance of Java experts.

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